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Great Dog Toys for your Best Friend

Posted by Five Barking Dogs! on 9/29/2017
Great Dog Toys for your Best Friend
Great Dog Toys for your Best Friend

We all know the havoc a bored dog can cause— chewing random belongings, digging in the yard, anything to entertain themselves and burn off energy. Play, exercise, and training are all important outlets for your dog, but don't forget about the simplest one: toys!

Toys serve a vital purpose in a dog's life, and there are several kinds of toys to meet their different needs. Tough rubber toys stand up to tons of chewing and throwing. Soft stuffed toys are great for carrying around and cuddling. Squeaky toys can be fascinating, and some toys even float so you can bring them in the pool. With enough different dog toys, the games you can play with your buddy are endless!

Dog toys are also a great source of comfort when your dog is left alone for a while. Without toys, dogs get bored and lonely while waiting for you, and are likely to try to resolve these feelings in their own way— which frequently involves some level of destruction. Many dogs enjoy cuddling with soft toys when they're unable to cuddle with you.

Choosing the right toys

The first thing to consider when choosing toys is the size of your dog. Some small dogs enjoy oversized stuffed toys, but this doesn't work the other way around. Larger dogs should never have toys that are too small because this creates a risk of ingesting or choking.

You should also evaluate your dog's habits. If your pup likes to chew, chew, and chew, a strong rubber chew toy would be a much better choice than a soft stuffed animal that will likely come apart. Some dogs love to tear their toys open, so if your dog does this, keep an eye out for small pieces coming off the toy that your dog could decide to eat. Squeaky toys are frequent targets for dogs with this habit, as they love to rip the toy apart to remove the squeaker. Always replace toys when they become a potential hazard.

Where to get the best dog toys

At Five Barking Dogs!, we have more toys than you or your pup could shake a stick at! Our wide variety of dog toys includes all the different types of toys for a dog's different favorite activities. Chewing, throwing, fetching, playing in the pool, tearing up, making interesting noises, and more— you can find all these kinds of toys in our vast selection, and your dog will love many of them.

To keep all these toys organized, we have a choice of dog toy boxes. You can even try training your dog to put his or her toys away! Or try teaching your dog to bring you a specific toy to play a special game with. This is entertaining for you and your dog, and also makes for wonderful bonding time with your best friend.

If you have any questions about picking out the right toys for your dog, contact Five Barking Dogs! and we'll put you on the scent!

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