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Types of Collars

Martingale collars are also known as Double Loop Collars or Limited Slip Collars. The Martingale Dog Collar was originally designed for Sighthounds (ie, Greyhounds, Whippets, Italian Greyhounds, Borzoi, Saluki, etc) because their necks are larger than their head, and they can slip out of traditional side release dog collars; these collars have gained popularity as training dog collars with other breeds in the recent past because trainers prefer the humane choke aspects.

Martingale Collars are now worn by all breeds and sizes of dogs. 

How does a Martingale Collar work?

Martingale Collars have 2 loops, which is why it is often called a Double Loop collar. The smaller of the loops is called the "Control Loop". This is the portion of the collar that is attached to the leash and tightens when it is pulled. The second loop is the adjustment loop. This is the part of the dog collar that you adjust to the right size to fit your dog.

Designed as a passive restraint, martingale collars distribute pressure evenly around the neck without creating pinch points. The Tensioning loop (also called a Control Loop) helps train dogs to slow down or stop without an abrupt pull. Trainers and vets recommend the Martingale Collar because they prefer its gentle action over that of a choke chain.

*NOTE: Martingale Collars do not "unbuckle". They slip over the head. For breeds with large heads, it is necessary to adjust the collar large enough to slip over the head and then adjust it to fit the neck properly once it is on the neck. If you want the features of a Martingale Collar but don't want to slip the collar over the head, take a look at our Buckle Martingale and Combo Collar options.

Side Release Dog Collars (also called Buckle Dog Collars) are what most customers are familiar with. This type of collar has a side release buckle, which opens and closes by squeezing the sides of the buckle and pulling or pushing.

2 Hounds Design makes all of their side release dog collars using industry leading hardware - stainless steel d-rings, and strong National Molding buckles (guaranteed to be heat and cold resistant).

Buckle Martingale Dog Collars (also called a Combo Collar) work just like a standard Martingale collar, but with a side release buckle. It offers the easy on/off option of a standard dog collar with the increased functionality of the martingale loop.This option is great for very large dogs with large heads because you gain the benefits of using a Martingale Collar, but you can take the collar on and off without readjusting it each time to fit over the head.

Because the side release buckle adds some bulk to the dog collar, this style is recommended for sizes Medium to XXLarge.

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