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Wiki Wags Brand Disposable Male Dog Wraps Bellybands Large (25" - 32")
Wiki Wags Wraps Large

Wiki Wags Brand Disposable Male Dog Wraps Bellybands Large (25" - 32")

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Prevents male dog marking, protects furniture and keeps your dog dry. We always offer free shipping. Buy 12 or any multiple of 12 and save! 
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Wiki Wags Brand Disposable Male Dog Wraps are disposable dog diaper bellybands made to completely and comfortably cover the male area of your dog. It is made specifically for male dogs that lift their leg and mark inside. Protect furniture, walls, drapes, floors, carpets and other objects your dog may urine mark with these easy to use disposable male dog diapers.
The super absorbent material in the wrap wicks away urine to keep your dog drier, longer. It is designed exclusively for the male dog anatomy, so, unlike a diaper, it only wraps around your dog's waist and does not prevent other bodily functions.

Dogs can be house trained at any age and with the help of Wiki Wags Disposable Male Dog Wraps it makes the job much easier. When your dog needs to go outside to do his business take off the Wiki Wags belly band and when he is finished  put the Wiki Wags back on. The magic tabs keep working!  

Wiki Wags is the only complete stay dry solution for male dogs who mark or who have become incontinent due to age or medical condition. No need to buy an additional liner or worry about washing it. When it is finished just throw it out and put on another. The wraps are adjustable to fit various sizes.

Now you can take your male dog with you where ever dogs are allowed without worrying about his next leg lifting accident.  Use Wiki Wags Brand Wraps on your male dog to protect against dog urine mishaps while traveling, at hotels, visits to friends and family, cafes and stores.  Enjoy life with your dog!

X-Small for dogs with a waist between 6"-13". 
Small for dogs with a waist between 12"-19". 
Medium for dogs with a waist size between 18"- 25".
Large for dogs with a waist size between 25" - 32." 

For proper fit, measure your dog at the waist. How to measure waist size: Wrap a measuring tape comfortably around your dog's belly, making sure not to pull too tight. Measure the widest part of the belly just before his ribs start and the narrowest part of his belly just in front of his hind legs. Take the average of these measurements for your dog's waist size. The magic tabs allow for individual adjustment, comfort and security.


Unfold the wrap and crush it slightly in your hands. This will make it more pliable and flexible. Look for the dual magic tabs at the opposite end from logo strip - lift and attach the tab anywhere on the logo strip for proper adjustment. For best fit, adjust the wrap while your dog is in a standing position.
Before using this product as a surgical wrap, please consult with your veterinarian.

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