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Board Games for Dogs!

Posted by Five Barking Dogs! on 9/29/2017
Board Games for Dogs!
Board Games for Dogs!

Dogs love to play. Whether its fetch, tug-of-war, hunting down concealed treats, or anything else, dogs love having fun just as much as humans do. Some dogs even invent their own games, like bringing you a toy and then running away before you can take it, hoping to lure you into a chase. Or hiding one of your shoes somewhere right before you have to go to work!

People love games too, of course— sports, video games, and classic card and board games. Our need for entertainment isn't all that different from our dogs' need for it, we just go about playing in a different way. But what if you could combine human games with dog games to get something truly unique that is the best of both worlds? How about board games for dogs?

This may bring to mind a funny image of a group of pups sitting around a table playing Monopoly, but in fact, there are board games specifically for dogs and their human pals to play together! These games are a lot of fun for both you and your dog and are also a great way to get in some training and quality bonding time. Check them out:

Do You Mind? The Game for People and Dogs

Do You Mind? is a simple game that involves getting your dog to complete a certain activity within a set time limit. You choose an activity by rolling the dice and picking a card that matches the color that comes up. If your dog successfully performs the trick listed on the card before the included egg timer runs out, you get a number of points determined by the color of the card. The cards have helpful suggestions on them about how to convince your dog to do the activity, which can also give you some insight about further training.

Do You Mind? can be played with 1-4 people and 1-4 dogs, with the winner determined by their score. You can also play a game with just you and your dog, with no need for counting up points— the goal then is to have fun and bond, and learn something together!

Funagle, the Board Game for Dogs and People

Funagle is similar to Do You Mind? but has the additional mechanic of a game board with dog-shaped pieces. This game is geared toward a group of 2-4 humans and 1-4 dogs as players and is also based around getting your dog to do randomly-chosen activities.

In Funagle, the activities are chosen by rolling the dice and moving your doggy game piece on the board. Each space is covered with an Activity Wag Tag, face down so the specific activity cannot be seen. When your piece lands on a space, you pick up the tag and attempt to "funagle" your dog to do the activity. If your dog succeeds, you keep the tag, putting you that much closer to a win!

If you're looking for a new way to play with, encourage, and train your dog, give one of these board games a try. If you have any questions, contact us at Five Barking Dogs! and we'll be happy to help!

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